How to Order Coupons Online - Dangers & Advantages

Do you want to order coupons online?

Anyone can just stumble across a free coupon. However, if you’re trying to increase your savings and take your couponing to the next level, it’s worth buying coupons online!

These serve as a kind of investment. You pay a coupon clipping vendor a small amount so that you can make big savings elsewhere!

But what are the perks of buying coupons online? Why shouldn’t you just get the coupons from your Sunday newspaper? How do you order coupons online, anyway?

Here we break down online coupon buying, so you can preserve your budget while gaining better access to the coupons you need.

Is It Illegal to Trade or Buy Coupons Online?

Purchasing a coupon online may sound a little too good to be true. Even more-so, many coupons have a great deal of confusing legal language written about how “transferring coupons to a third party” may “void” the coupon. As a result, some people think it’s illegal to order coupons online.

Don’t worry! You can rest assured that there are no laws against buying or selling coupons online.

Legal – Sharing Coupons

Most brands and manufacturers like to be in control of how their coupons are distributed. Nonetheless, there is nothing illegal or unethical about handing coupons to your friends or leaving unwanted coupons on the shelf at the grocery store.

Some companies even encourage coupon exchange clubs! There’s nothing wrong with paying someone for the time required to cut out a coupon for you.

Illegal – Duplicate Coupons

What’s illegal is selling or trading a duplicated coupon. There should only be one of any particular coupon.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you got it from a store, from the internet, or from a friend!

If you think about it, humans have been trading goods for as long as we’ve been on Earth. Before money was invented, we traded goods for goods. Money then came to be an item that represented the value of those goods.

Coupons are also items which represent the value of goods. So, there is nothing wrong with trading real money for a legitimate coupon, in person or online! It’s a fair trade, and there are no laws against it.

How is Buying Coupons Online Better Than Buying Coupons Offline?

There are many places to find coupons besides the internet. For example, in your Sunday newspaper or in the coupon books often sold for charity.

If you’re wondering why you should order coupons online instead of in the “real world,” here are some reasons to consider.

Difficulties of Buying Coupons Offline

Random Selections

When coupon hunting in the real world, it can be very difficult to find the exact coupons you want or need. You have no way of knowing what coupons will show up in the newspaper each week.

Coupons Could Be Late or Expired

If the newspaper shows up late, you might miss a limited-time sale!

You Could Pay More Than You Gain

You may buy a coupon book for ten dollars, just to find there is only a single dollar-off coupon that you like. Then, you just spent ten dollars to save one dollar. The math just doesn’t add up!

Wasted Coupons

You can spend a great deal of money on subscriptions and booklets, and you may still end up with many coupons you won’t use!

Ultimately, this means you spent more money than you saved with the coupons, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do.

Couponing is about saving money, and you only save money if you’re going to actually use the coupon!


Say you get your coupons from free newsletters and are not spending money on subscriptions or booklets. It can still be incredibly time-consuming to hunt down free coupons. You could end up with a lot of useless paper anyways!

It’s possible to avoid these difficulties if you order coupons online instead.

Benefits to Buying Coupons Online

Get Exactly What You Want

When you order coupons online, you have a greater ability to find the coupons you want, exactly when you want them. You can search the websites of your favorite brands and take advantage of limited-time sales.

Easy Access

If you buy your coupons online, they’re just a Google search away, not a wild goose chase around town!

Greater Selections

Online coupon providers also give you access to deals that aren’t normally available in your hometown. For example, if your local newspaper does not carry coupons for your favorite brand of razors, you can go online and find one through their website or a coupon clipping company!

Better Coupon Stacking

Ordering coupons online can make stockpiling and stacking much easier. For example, a newspaper might only have one coupon for a single roll of paper towels... and you definitely need more than one roll of paper towels in your house!

Rather than buying multiple newspapers, stacking up the costs, you can find multiple coupons online - for a much lower cost.

Bulk Coupons

Some coupon selling websites even provide bulk packages. As such, it’s easier to stock up on the products you need!

Less Effort

And of course, finding coupons online is far more convenient than running around town, searching for newspapers and booklets. You have a busy life; you don’t want your coupon clipping to take too much time away from going to work, enjoying your hobbies, or spending time with family!

How to Order Coupons Online

Now that you understand the benefits of online coupons, let’s figure out how to order coupons online!

Decide on the Site

You can, of course, find regular coupons on a manufacturer’s website. However, there are many different coupon clipping websites which allow you to browse the coupons you need. All you have to do is select your coupons and then pay a small fee for shipping.

Decide Your Package Plan

Depending on the website, you may find different deals. Some coupon clipping sites sell their coupons in bulk. Some mail them to you. Others send them digitally via email.

Get in on Competition

Other websites include a challenge in the coupon buying process. These typically require a certain number of people to buy the deal before the coupon will be activated. This adds a bit of a thrill to the process; get your friends involved in the online coupon game, too!

Arrange Your Priorities

When you are about to purchase a coupon online, make sure the coupon is for something that you truly need or want. It is very easy to get caught up in the thrill of couponing - but remember: the point is to save money. That only happens if you actually use the coupon or the product!

Note the Fine Print

Be sure to make note of any expiration dates, limitations, or exclusions written on the coupon. It’s important to understand exactly what kind of savings you’ll gain before making the purchase!

How Can Sunday Coupon Inserts Help?

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