How to Get Coupons Mailed to You: 5 Easy Methods of Saving Money

You may be asking, “How to get coupons mailed to you?” These days, a lot of companies have switched over to digital coupons on smartphone apps, but paper coupons are still very valuable and widely accepted at stores.

You also want to receive your coupons for free, without having to subscribe to a newspaper that you don’t have any interest in reading.

If you want to save while you shop, you need to make the most of couponing. But how can you find the coupons that you need?

Fortunately, there are many ways to get coupons into your postal box! Here’s everything you need to know about how to get coupons mailed to you.

How to Get Coupons Mailed to You: 5 Easy Methods of Saving Money

1. Contact Companies Directly

The most direct way to get coupons mailed to you – especially for a specific company’s product - is to contact the company itself!

If you contact a specific company with either a complaint or a compliment, the company may respond by sending you coupons.

You can also ask them directly for coupons, without beating around the bush. Though, it never hurts to throw in a compliment!

Take a look at the “contact us” page of the company’s website to find their email. There will often be a contact box on that page. Be sure to keep your message polite and to the point!


If you are looking for a specific kind of coupon from a preferred brand, then this method is the way to go, rather than other, more random methods.

Also, it costs you nothing but a couple of seconds of your time to send an email!

For a place to start, check out Krazy Coupon Lady’s list of companies that are known to send coupons to your mailbox in response to emails.


Not all companies will respond to your emails at all, let alone with coupons.

For some people, sending emails for the purpose of receiving coupons can also feel a lot like begging, which is no fun!

2. Get Store Grocery Cards

Most grocery stores have a loyalty program these days, usually in the form of a shopper card. Typically, this requires providing your name and address to the store’s customer service department.

Once you have the shopper card, you will be able to access exclusive deals and discounts when you shop at the store. It may also give you access to any paper coupons that the store mails or emails out!


If you have a grocery store that you go to frequently, then this is a great option for you.

See if your grocery store sends out yearly coupon booklets or booklets for special events, like Giant Eagle does during their well-known annual sale of freezer goods!


Most grocery store coupons and discounts don’t last much longer than a week or two. If you don’t go to this specific grocery store often, then you might not get the most out of a shopper card.

Also, the coupons you get in the mail are often for the product you just bought with your shopper card. You’re not likely to need a refill that quickly.

3. Receive Flyers or Weekly Ads

When you’re trying to figure out how to get coupons mailed to you, it’s a good idea to start getting other things mailed to you, too.

Most stores love to send out flyers and ads to loyal customers, which you might be inclined to just throw in the recycling bin.

However, you may find coupons hidden in the flyers of your mailbox, which you then can take to the store. You can even use them when shopping online! For example, Michael’s Crafts often offers a 50-percent-off-one-item coupon in their sales flyer.

The next time you shop, tell a salesperson that you’d like to receive their weekly ads, or check out the store’s website for an email sign-up link.


This method is free and does not require buying into a loyalty program. Also, the coupons found in ads tend to vary more than the ones you will find on a shopper card.


Not all flyers and weekly ads contain a coupon so you may end up unnecessarily cluttering your mailbox with extra paper.

The more flyers you have stuffed in the mailbox, the harder it will be to find the coupons that are there. It can also be hard to unsubscribe from these ads!

4. Subscribe to Newsletters

Some brands go even further than a weekly ad, publishing and sending out a weekly or monthly newsletter to their customers.

SC Johnson and Proctor and Gamble are two such brands. These newsletters often contain coupons, too!

Simply go to the brand’s website and provide your name, home address, and potentially your email address. The newsletter will either come in the mail or, in today’s digital age, be provided as a document you can print at home.


Newsletter coupons often have a farther-away expiration date than the usual ad coupon. They may have a higher than normal value as well.


Just like with the weekly ads, not all companies send them out. Not all newsletters have coupons inside, either!

It’s also impossible to know whether you are going to get a coupon for the product you wanted.

5. Register for Birthday Clubs

Another method for how to get coupons mailed to you is to register for a birthday club!

A birthday club is a program offered by a restaurant or a retailer, where, once your birthday month comes around, they send you a coupon in the mail!

For example, Designer Shoe Warehouse will send you a money-off coupon good throughout your birthday month. Petco offers a coupon program for your pet’s birthday!


Birthday clubs are easy, low-commitment programs that reward you for simply making it through another year!


It may go without saying, but birthday club coupons are only good for your birthday month, and not the rest of the year.

Additionally, most restaurants and retailers are moving to digital coupons these days, so you’re unlikely to receive a birthday coupon in the mail anymore.

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