2021 Coupon Inserts Calendar Guide: How to Save More with Coupon Inserts

Planning ahead is at the heart of couponing — creating your meal plan, reviewing the upcoming weekly coupons, making your shopping list, and planning your stacks and BOGOs. This article is a great way to be sure that you’re taking full advantage of not just weekly coupon knowledge — but the whole year - thanks to the coupon inserts calendar.

Use our Weekly Coupon Insert Schedule 2021 to ensure you’re planning ahead. There are weeks where there are additional inserts — or none, such as some holidays. Let’s take a closer look at the coupon insert schedule for the three major publishers — SmartSource, P&G, and Save (formerly RetailMeNot).

2021 Weekly Coupon Inserts Schedule

Whether you use a digital calendar on your phone or laptop or a printable paper calendar — it’s really helpful to note in advance how many inserts to expect each week. Looking ahead at the coupon schedule alongside your household and life plans will take your coupon strategy to the next level.

Do you have a family picnic coming up in a few weeks? Seeing that event next to the coupon inserts schedule — all in one calendar — will prompt you to start buying the canned goods, pantry items, and freezer foods you need to be prepared and below budget.

  • Grocery Store Coupon Publishers - 43 is a lucky number in couponing. It’s the minimum total coupon inserts that SmartSource and Save will publish annually. SmartSource does not offer holiday weekend inserts.
  • Key Holidays - It's important to note and plan for Presidents’ Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The good news is that you can count on inserts from Save on both Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • Manufacturer Coupon Schedule - Proctor & Gamble will publish 12 inserts in 2021. P&G does a great job of helping us save during weeks such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These are weekends where we generally see fewer (or no) inserts.

Individual Coupons: Released Each Week

We provide a coupon preview weekly which can help you see what kinds of products and other discounts you can expect in the upcoming SmartSource, Save, and/or P&G. To get the coupon preview just visit our Coupon Preview.

  • Plan Ahead - The coupon preview will show the product, coupon value, and any size or quantity restrictions. You don’t need to wait for the Sunday paper to start planning. Get back a few hours each Sunday by taking advantage of our coupon preview. You can have these things all planned out before the weekend begins!
    • Menu
    • Shopping list
    • Weekly coupon strategy (stacks, Bogos)
  • Multi-Store Strategy - Having your planning done by mid-week will allow you more time to be sure you’re taking full advantage of the weekly saving. When you use the Coupon Preview and order bulk inserts in advance of Sunday, you’ll finally have time for a multi-store strategy.
  • Additional Inserts - Be sure to order plenty of additional inserts to go to a few local stores and stack their sales with your coupons.
  • Buy in Bulk, Save in Bulk: Use the Coupon Preview during the week to plan your menu and coupon strategy. But don’t stop there. Order your Sunday newspaper coupon inserts in bulk to receive multiple copies of the upcoming weeks’ inserts.

Coupon Inserts Calendar + Coupon Preview = a Winning Combination

We’ve covered where to find the 2021 Sunday coupon schedule and, more importantly, how to use it effectively! Don't forget why you're couponing — to save money that you can use in other areas of life. If you add the information from our coupon inserts calendar into your calendar, you'll be prompted to plan further ahead.

The further ahead you plan, the more you save. The more you save, the more financial flexibility you’ll have for other expenses — like making memories with friends and family.

Strategy Re-Cap

  1. Review the 2021 Weekly Coupon Inserts Schedule and add the information to your calendar.
  2. Compare the inserts schedule against your social plans.
  3. Are there food-related expenses associated with any upcoming personal plans?
  4. What non-perishable food or household items can you buy in advance?
  5. Order weekly coupon inserts — in bulk — to ensure you have multiples of all the weekly savings available.
  6. Increase overall efficiency by using the Coupon Preview to see all the individual coupons that have been released for the coming week.
  7. Make your weekly menu, list, and coupon strategy.

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